80 Worcester St, Suite 10

North Grafton, MA 01536

Marcella’s HotSpot Salon provides sports acupressure massage, holistic healing and hair styling .

Marcella, the owner has 20 plus years experience making clients look and feel healthy from the inside as well as the outside. She works with people who seek relief from chronic pain and stress or want a new look.

Marcella is a licensed Shiatsu massage practitioner , personal trainer and hairstylist. Her long term interests have been in exercise physiology and health including nutrition, movement and the ability of the body to heal. In addition to providing hair styling, in all of her work experience has been focused on learning to work with clients holistically.

Marcella has a BS in Exercise physiology from the University Massachusetts in Boston and began her career as an entrepreneur. She owned and operated a full service salon in Newton, Massachusetts, for seven years and created one of the first mobile salons in the Boston area called Hair X-press. She does hair styling for men, women and children, but hair design and beauty was simply a beginning of wanting to help people look and feel healthier.

Marcella’s continued interest in all aspects of holistic health and energy healing led to her studies in Shiatsu healing practices and Feng Shui . She earned her Shiatsu acupressure practitioner ABT , LMT license in 2005 . She then created a business called “A Gifted Healer ” which involves in person and remote intuitive healing for people and animals.

She founded Marcella’s Hotspot Salon in South Grafton in August of 2011. Now the Salon includes holisitc services , massage and hair services. The Salon received a Best of Business Award 2013 from the town of Grafton.. Marcella is seeking to expand by attracting like-minded professionals to work with her.

80 Worcester St, Suite 10, North Grafton MA 01536

Phone: (781) 526-2800

Email: marci@marcellahotspot.com

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